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My friend Steve Hirshon passed away December 1st, 2017.  As The Lorenzo Commentaries started on a magazine show Steve had in 2005 and continued when he moved to Thursday morning as Hukkin' a Chainek I realize with Steve gone, it's time yo retire TLC as well.

This is a compilation I put together for a remembrance for Steve in January at Jay York's Last Church on the Left in Portland, but technical glitches wouldn't let it play in its entirety.

Here it is now. I miss you every day, Steve, but especially Thursday mornings.

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This is it for morning drive time!  Coming up soon and an afternoon Talk show, continuing to carry The Lorenzo Commentaries.  Details to be announced.

Thank you Steve!

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The penultimate Hukkin’ a Chainek RenzComm episode'

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Thanks to all, we made our Begathon goal!

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The Found Footage Festival, the acclaimed touring showcase of odd and hilarious found videos, will bring its new 2017 show to Portland. Hosts Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, whose credits include The Onion and the Late Show with David Letterman, are excited to debut their new program at Space Gallery (538 Congress Street) on Friday, October 13th at 6:45 and again at 9:30pm. Tickets to the Found Footage Festival are $12 in advance ($15 at the door) and are available at

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Tune in next week, I'll be subbing for Steve!


R.I.P. Walter Becker, Jerry Lewis, Shelly Berman

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...while I was away.

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Golden Minidisc Award winner from August 2007!!

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Thanks to Kevin Oates.

WMPG needs podcasts, because no one chose to air this before the concert!

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sorry for the less than stellar sound quality!

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Next week: chip taste off!

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This Saturday is my Dad's Rememberence in New York put together by my brother Don.

Here's my tribute.

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Seeing them again 6/10/17 on Thompson's Point (Thanks, Garbage to Garden!!)!

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didn't load last night but it's loading here it is!

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Thank you Seincast for the shout-out!

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Be there!

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That was a great night!

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When you come to Tommy's the holiday's forever!

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An April Fool's Day snowstorm? How cruel!

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Thanks to all!

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Miss you Dad. So much.

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That's right, Begathon March 16 to 23!

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Great Mardi Gras at MPG this week!

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Live on WMPG Portland, Maine

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Baby be home soon!

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Sorry in advance if you're listening in the Sunshine state!

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It's not quite the full Vacationland yet.

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How many Weight Watchers points in a feast?

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Meanwhile we still have Paul LePage!

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OK, there's probably more.

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Here we are, one divorce, two vehicles, one marriage, two employers, one relocation, and two grandchildren later.

And I lost my 160 gig iPod!

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Yes, bad old ear, too!

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At Port City Music Hall, Portland, Maine 12/18/16

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Bye bye, Big Blue.

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Live on WMPG. Stream the entire show archived on!

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Live on WMPG.


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If you can't make it to the Portland Museum of Art 11/1/16 at 4pm (call 8741065 to RSVP) catch "The Reel Snow White" on YouTube:

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Live, digitally, from Boston!

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I'm on vacation next week, but will have a new episode!

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I won!!!!!

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My Tribute to Myron, which took third place as Best Feature at last Saturday's Maine Association of Broadcasters Awards.

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Live on WMPG, please call to support us 207-874-3000 and tell 'em the The Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast sent ya!

on to the Maine Association of Broadcasrers Awards!

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Why Brother John, why?

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Well, we never returned, but I hope we go again next year!

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Numbers of downloads seem to dropping every month....please spread the word!

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I'm enjoying summer, but I wish it would rain!


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Thanks Larry, you gave it 100!


10 years, really?!

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Flavors from Brazil, Greece, China, and India.

And we eat 'em before 8 am!

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summer good.

Mosquitos bad.

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Too bad he had a binky in his mouth (Dax, I mean).

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A short one with a lot of heart.

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Sea Dogs, Yard Goats, Fisher Cats!

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Be back full time soon!

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Taking a bit of a summer break. Enjoy!

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Happy Fathers' Dad

Happy Birthday Steve...and Me!

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The one benefit of getting old(er)!

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The one benefit of getting old(er)!

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Sorry the conversation starts about a minute in; I had a recording glitz I've never encountered before...

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On this, the 3rd anniversary of John's passing, I repay this great recollection of John's participation in history.

Next week, subbing Hukkin a Chainek, I present an all Monkees show on the eve of the release of Good Times.

2016...the year of The Monkees!

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My mania continues!

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2016: The Year. of the Monkees

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Update: still rocking the smart phone, enjoy having data on the go.  Still miss the iPod Touch, though.

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He was the best!

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live on WMPG

RIP Myron Samuels

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Thanks Sprout!

Thanks Spurwink!

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An inspiration!

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We haven't yet made our goal, so you may still donate at

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Can you guess which primary I attended?

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Lorenzo, Steve and newsreader Grace taste 8 varieties of chips in Lays latest promotion, the FlavorSwap live on WMPG .  The conversation wanders to Poland Spring water, the f'd up marijuana referendum, and the candidates overtaking Maine pre-caucus.  Bon appetit!

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You haven't seen it, have you?

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I'm still digesting!


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welcome, C.I.C.!

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Visit the new!

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it's amazing!

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happy New Year inter webs! I missed you!


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An extended dance mix of the O!tB currently running on WMPG.

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This version is a bit tighter.  That also makes me happy!

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on to Chrisrmas!

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have a happy!

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A simple diversion from life's sometimes sad realities.

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anyone have a spare Blu Ray player?

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Miss you, Dave!

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I love you, Sweetie!

Direct download: Another20Year2C20Another20Adventure.mp3
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Still miss ya, buddy!

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