The Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast
As heard on WMPG-FM, Portland, Maine
My new toys, my sick iPod, and being an online a**h***!
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w/ new in- & outro. Happy Christmas (War Is Over?!)
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From last year.  Sorry, no new intro.  Busy, busy, busy!
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Seriously, listen to Tuesday Night Talk Radio Club on WMPG @ 7:30pm this week (12/11/07)!  I mean it!!! 
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strike! I'm the son of a union man!
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Recorded live on WMPG, Portland, ME!
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Now that's dedication.  Wow, what a week!
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other run-ins with fame.

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Ain't No Party... ...Like a Scranton party, 'cause a Scranton party don't stop!
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By the way...

LORENZO RAFFA (“The Lorenzo Commentaries?) presents RADIO OPEN MIC 5

Friday night, November 16th 7:30-9:30 (Local Motives/Stay Rude’s usual time slot)


Simply drop by WMPG Studios (92 Bedford St., Portland) Friday, November 16th between 7:15 to 9:15 PM with (or without) instruments (acoustic preferred, but if not, we can deal) and sing &/or play a song or two LIVE on WMPG 90.9 & 104.1 FM and streaming on!

Up to five performers at once; no drum kits, please!

Comedians/spoken word artists also welcome!



Can’t make it in? No problem! Send an MP3 to & he’ll play it! (Deadline for MP3s: 5PM, 11/15/07)


Be a part of radio history!!!


FMI check out or e-mail

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Goin' around in circles...and lovin' it!
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From Oct. '04...some things never change!
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That's 207-874-3000! The Fall WMPG Begathon.
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A podcast in Jell-o!
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How does this look on a resume?
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Weight, Wait, Don't Tell Me be continued!
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Listen to my podcast on podcasting!
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Encore: Happy New Car (w/new intro) From Dec. '06.  The Geo retired at about111,000 miles (see "New Car Smell")
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A dream come true!
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The title is a very bad "All in the Family" pun. Sorry! Maybe now you feel my pain.
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Featuring the fab 4.
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Sadly, it's been 10 years since Bob's untimely passing.
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As in Jack, Meg, and -grass.
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Did I mention I loooove seeing live shows?
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...Portland, the original one, Maine!
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A ProTools term, unrelated to the subject matter. I just like it.
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not heard on the air!
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...featuring my radio host Steve Hirshon live on WMPG
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What happnin' outside the 'MPG bubble!
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A Wrap-Up of Radio Open Mic 4. Yes, it went great. Thanks for asking!
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one of my favorites!
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My ears have (almost) stopped ringing!
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I wonder where the fiddleheads is!
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Thanks to They Might Be Giants for the title.
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the Patriots' Day storm and goodbye to a friend
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Sorry!  The Patriots' Day storm knocked out power at WMPG and as of 4/19 it's still not up.

Talk to ya next week!

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The (7) people have spoken!
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Recorded live on WMPG Begathon Spring '06 My thanks to the great Frank Pennisi!
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Dime Store Hero A sad farewell to a Maine-by-way-of-the-Jersey-Shore legend (Bill's on the right)
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sometimes it just happens (or doesn't)
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Sorry, no picture...I missed the deadline!
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Encore: I Didn't Have a Heart Attack from December '04
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Off the Cuff No beginning, middle, or end. I think.
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The Big D (& C) For Lorenzo R. "Larry" Raffa
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Good Mornin' Captain! Boomers will "get" the title.
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Hey! You! Get offa MySpace! Another step into the 21st Century!
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Encore: The Morning After ('04)w/ new intro Election Day '04, that is.
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A Short One Portland's on my list, too!
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Real Time What a long, strange year it's been!
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