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Yes, off the air due to a holiday snowstorm, but the show must go on...this is what WMPG's dedicated streamers heard!

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Google the title of this week's podcast, and seek it out on YouTube!

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Aw crap!

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Vote vote vote November 4th!!!

And don't forget Mainers, a vote for Cutler is a vote for 4 more years of LaPage aka Maine's Embarrassment !

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It doesn't matter if it's the midterms, in fact, it really November 4th!

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Will post stated news story soon!

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Happy birthday, Dad! Enjoy this eBay!!

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If you feel generous call 207-874-3000 (or 207-780-4909 after hours) and tell 'em the Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast sent ya!

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Includes "New Car Smell" from 2007.

I'm hosting Hukkin' a Chainek next week, AKA Begathon! Call 207-874-3000 and pledge (please?)

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Steve and I review Steely Dan in Meadowbrook, NH

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Seeing SD this weekend; I hope everyone behaves! Happy Labor Day!!

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Last week's chip tasting boiled down to 3 1/2 monutes (w/music)!

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The contenders: Bacon Mac and Cheese, Mango Salsa, Ginger Wasabi, Cappuccino (!), and it being 7:45 AM!

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Goodbye old friends!

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10th Anniversary Commentary (Recorded live on WMPG)

It all started in 2004 on the Fore River Gazzette...

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Sorry for the every other week deal. I promise from this point on to fill in the gaps even if the pieces fail to run on WMPG due to technical difficulties (or Steve messing up)

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I'm talkin' to you Groupon and LivingSocial!

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Wish I could be there!

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On 6/11/14 Empire in Portland, Maine Clash of the Titans presented It's Guster's v. Dispatch version, when who shows up? None other than Guster's own Adam Gardner!

Seems we can look forward to an interview with Adam when the new Guster's album drops!!

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Congrats, Coral!!!

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Three weeks later, the food truck fleet has arrived in Portland, Maine!

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Can anyone get my cell # from the beeps?

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John Lehman 1949-2013 RIP

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A blast!

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This Saturday, kids!

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If you live in Maine, check this out!

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An update from a few weeks back.

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Yes, literally a minute. Got one?


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This Saurday.

WMPG still has tix foe a $40 pledge! Call207-874-3000 now!

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This one didn't make it to air, but the MonkCon is this w/e, so here we go...

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Will post Fat Tuesday broadcast soon!

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Join us!

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Speaking of movies, check out "Nebraska". Excellent!

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Unlike last November, loving the current hoopla!

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Sorry, wicked bad cold last week, but I'm back!

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You can check out "Lorenzo's First Commentary", "My Song", and the Radio Open Mic promo right on this site!   

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Heard on 'MPG Reports, slightly edited.

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My, Crys, and Sam's Hukkin' a Chainek show stream:

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Happy new year podcat listeners!!!

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