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Happy Xmas

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Be friends with Jose on facebook! And tell 'em Lorenzo sent you!

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Our post-Monkees tour chat

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sorry for the week's delay...good ol' tech diff.

Hear the results right now!

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Post- Clash of the Titans Monkees and TD Garden Dylan and pre-TG Day feast!

I'm thankful for 100,000+ downloads. Thank you!!!

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I'm not proud of it, it's just the facts.

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Bored, but happy.

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Thanks callers!!!!

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Thanks callers!!!

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Thanks callers!!

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Thanks, callers!

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For those of you outside of Maine (are you listening San Antonio?), please call (207) 874-3000. Thanks!

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Ads mentioned in commentaries:

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I posted the rough, unedited version last week.

Sorry, let's try it again!


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Two hours well spent!

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One of my favorite commentaries, performed live!

See the (unedited) video:

And give to WMPG!!! 207-874-3000  


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9/16 at Bayside Bowl, Portland, ME. Be there!

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Many people commented how happy I sound...I can't hide anything from you guys!

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Multitasking at its finest!

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What can I say? We've been burned before!

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As a diabetic I had some pop tarts in my knapsack (and was prepared to to declare it as a medical necessity because of the heat, etc.) and as a result of the loooooong lines (I spoke with fellow concertgoers and 90 minutes was an underestimation) those were what I consumed that day! Someone I spoke with waited in line for over 2 hours, and when near the front was told the booth was out of food; rumors abounded that another booth out of food were selling plain rolls for $2. On her way there she encountered an enterprising (greedy? opportunistic??) young man selling the 4 $8.00 burgers he had for $13.00 each! This is not my idea of a good time!
And with 2 stages why a 30-60 minute wait between sets? Nateva in 2010 had 2 stages, and the flow between acts was seamless.
The smoking ban was ignored and unenforced, but at least most smokers hung by the outlaying fences
On the plus side, I appreciate I didn't have to buy water to stay hydrated, Lack of shade was an issue for me, as I'm not a sun worshipper, but for an outdoor show, I suppose it's the nature of the beast.
I wasn't overly impressed with the daytime acts, though they were pleasant enough, But the Dropkicks had a great (though brief) set and Mumford & Sons made the day worth it! And fireworks to boot!!
I feel if we were stop #4 in the GotR tour rather than the premiere, it might have gone smoother. but all in all it was a great day for Portland, Mumford & Sons, me, and my 15,000 other concert buddies!

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These guys and gals are great!!!

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My love affair with food trucks started with a simple Taco Truck, not far from where Lynn and I were staying on Upper West Side of Manhattan in 2005.  welcome to Portland, ME!!

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not so Desire'd

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Sorry, busy week, forgot to post, but pairs well with "Ginger"!

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When first told his name was Connor, I'd often say Conan accidently, so...

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Got a crappy car? Call 1-888-WMPG-AUTO (1-888-967-4288) TODAY!

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Titling these commentaries are almost as much fun as recording them!

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Spurwink Presents the Sprout Film Festival 2012 Help us to celebrate diversity and combat discrimination!  Entertaining and enlightening short films by and about people with disabilities.   June 12 Augusta, Noon & 6:00, at the Holocaust & Human rights center, UMA.  By donation only.   June 14th noon & 6:00 at Waynflete School, Portland. Tickets on sale now:    and

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and I don't mean Lynn!

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this was supposed to run 2 weeks ago, and last week we aired a peice my daughter Crys did a few years back.

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I try to learn from my mistakes, but I didn't make 'em, what would I talk about?

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Edited down for Hukkin' a Chainek's broadcast.

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Support your local record store this Saturday!  Go to or for more information.

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Lorenzo's top hits!

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I'm gonna go lay down now...

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RIP Davy.  recorded live on WMPG

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More thoughts on Davy, the Boomer Generation, and, well, the sweet spot (Thanks for the title, Steve!)

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I feared this day would come...losing our first Monkee.

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I had fun doing this promo!

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3000+ messages in my e-mail box...time to clean house again!

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Dotting all the eyes...

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With Steve, Lars, and Zack on WMPG

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I can see (halfway) clearly now...

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Getting better all the time...

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OK, so it's not Radio Open Mic, but it is an open mic, and it's on the radio, and it's an honor to be part of WMPG Poer Up! Party.

Tune in on 1/21/12.  My deal airs 4-5pm.  Better yet, come down and play1

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