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Yes, bad old ear, too!

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At Port City Music Hall, Portland, Maine 12/18/16

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Bye bye, Big Blue.

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Live on WMPG. Stream the entire show archived on!

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Live on WMPG.


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If you can't make it to the Portland Museum of Art 11/1/16 at 4pm (call 8741065 to RSVP) catch "The Reel Snow White" on YouTube:

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Live, digitally, from Boston!

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I'm on vacation next week, but will have a new episode!

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I won!!!!!

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My Tribute to Myron, which took third place as Best Feature at last Saturday's Maine Association of Broadcasters Awards.

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Live on WMPG, please call to support us 207-874-3000 and tell 'em the The Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast sent ya!

on to the Maine Association of Broadcasrers Awards!

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Why Brother John, why?

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Well, we never returned, but I hope we go again next year!

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Numbers of downloads seem to dropping every month....please spread the word!

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I'm enjoying summer, but I wish it would rain!


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Thanks Larry, you gave it 100!


10 years, really?!

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Flavors from Brazil, Greece, China, and India.

And we eat 'em before 8 am!

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summer good.

Mosquitos bad.

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Too bad he had a binky in his mouth (Dax, I mean).

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A short one with a lot of heart.

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Sea Dogs, Yard Goats, Fisher Cats!

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Be back full time soon!

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Taking a bit of a summer break. Enjoy!

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Happy Fathers' Dad

Happy Birthday Steve...and Me!

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The one benefit of getting old(er)!

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The one benefit of getting old(er)!

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Sorry the conversation starts about a minute in; I had a recording glitz I've never encountered before...

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On this, the 3rd anniversary of John's passing, I repay this great recollection of John's participation in history.

Next week, subbing Hukkin a Chainek, I present an all Monkees show on the eve of the release of Good Times.

2016...the year of The Monkees!

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My mania continues!

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2016: The Year. of the Monkees

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Update: still rocking the smart phone, enjoy having data on the go.  Still miss the iPod Touch, though.

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He was the best!

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live on WMPG

RIP Myron Samuels

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Thanks Sprout!

Thanks Spurwink!

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An inspiration!

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We haven't yet made our goal, so you may still donate at

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Can you guess which primary I attended?

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Lorenzo, Steve and newsreader Grace taste 8 varieties of chips in Lays latest promotion, the FlavorSwap live on WMPG .  The conversation wanders to Poland Spring water, the f'd up marijuana referendum, and the candidates overtaking Maine pre-caucus.  Bon appetit!

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You haven't seen it, have you?

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I'm still digesting!


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welcome, C.I.C.!

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Visit the new!

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it's amazing!

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happy New Year inter webs! I missed you!


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