The Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast
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An extended dance mix of the O!tB currently running on WMPG.

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This version is a bit tighter.  That also makes me happy!

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on to Chrisrmas!

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have a happy!

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A simple diversion from life's sometimes sad realities.

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anyone have a spare Blu Ray player?

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Miss you, Dave!

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I love you, Sweetie!

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Still miss ya, buddy!

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Call 207-874-3000 and tell 'em The Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast sent ya!  Help keep community radio alive!!

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Sorry about last's all explained within.

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I'll be exausted, but I'll be there!

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Fare thee well, Videoport!

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No, I'm not talking about Donald Trump!

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Adam Gardner. What a mensch!

The Portland Lights Festival promoters?  Not so much.

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Vacation's not over yet but I couldn't stay away.

i got half as many downloads in July as I did in June.  What's up?

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Two of my favorite things: grand babies and weird potato chip flavor so!

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Recorded live on WMPG's Hukkin a Chainek 7/9/15.  Steve and my final (virtual) Grateful Dead experience.

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Ah, summer!

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Some thoughts on a tough week.

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Some thoughts on a tough week.

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Lorenzo "Larry" Raffa Sr. And Steve Hirshon finally meet! and you are there!!

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150,000 downloads soon! Thank you all!!!

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Please excuse the relaxed tone...I fell asleep on the couch before realizing I needed to record and put this up for the morning!

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'Bye Dave!

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I'm having trouble letting go!

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thanks Dave!

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Hey CB, passive-aggressive much?

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Chris Brown didn't answer my e-mails this year, but I have my audio files and the ability to edit!

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A chat with Spurwink's Sue Murphy & Simon McDonald.  Not listening in Maine?  Go to to see if and when it's coming your town.

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Too much good stuff for for one commentary!

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To celebrate Fall Begathon 2015 I fit 10 years of commentaries in under 5 minutes! Enjoy!!

Call 207-874-3000 to donate.

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Are you a loser too?

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alone with 150,000 downloads?

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Spring IS Coming...Spring IS Coming...Spring IS Coming

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Please chock it out!

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thanks again, Adam!

Evermotion, in stores now!

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hope you made thru OK.  I know NYC did.  How's 'bout you, SanAntonio?

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a week later...still recovering!

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Thanks. Adam. Great album!

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Did I bum you out last week? I apologize; some introspection was in order.

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I'm back! And welcome 2015!!

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